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Anyone else have no time to cook? 🤷‍♀️Don't want to eat out because it's too expensive? Looking for a healthy meal prepping service? 👩‍🍳Deliteful Kitchen offers the most affordable delicious meals on the Treasure Coast with options for everyone, and let’s face it, You've seen all the ads for national companies that want to mail food to your home. Do you know where their food comes from? 🚛When you choose DeLITEful Kitchen meal delivery, you're choosing to support not only our local business, but you're supporting local farmers and artisan food makers all over the Treasure Coast. 👩‍🌾When you choose DeLITEful Kitchen home delivered meals, you choose to support local in more ways than one.

⏱Spend less time cooking and more time making memories with your family over our fresh and local food. Our prices are on par with the average national delivery companies, so what's keeping you from saying yes? 🤷‍♀️Check out our local meal prepping services! Info below. 👇

🚙We deliver fresh to your door on Monday’s and Wednesday’s for a $10/week delivery fee or you can pick up your meals for free at our restaurant in Stuart. The address is 2401 SE Ocean Blvd (Cedar Pointe Plaza) between 4:00-6:00 pm. All you do is heat and eat all week! No planning, no shopping, no prep, no cooking, no cleanup and no hassle! 😃

Everything is made fresh daily. Organic and locally sourced products will always be used when available. Proteins are hormone and antibiotic free.


👫Kids meals

💪Body builder

🥗Low carb

👨‍🌾Locally sourced

💯Gluten free options

💵No cost to register

🥘Family style meals

🌿Individual meals

🍎Snack Boxes

💰No minimum purchase


🍠No preservatives

🥩No hormones

🍗No antibiotics

🍰Clean Desserts

🥙Vegan options

🚪Doorstop delivery



With a new weekly menu each week you will always find new dishes to love! No subscription needed, order 1 meal or 50, it's exactly what you want, WHEN you want!

Stuart mom owned and operated - Nearly 43.7K meals served since we began in 2016 💪🏼

Menu for Week: July 22-26 2019

Monday 7/22

Adult - Southwestern chicken taco salad with avocado ranch and salsa.

Keto - Southwestern chicken taco salad with avocado ranch and salsa.

Vegan - Southwestern chickpea taco salad with avocado ranch and salsa.

Kids - Grilled chicken with cucumber slices, avocado ranch and fruit

Tuesday 7/23

Adult - Blackberry Dijon glazed pork chops with herb roasted potatoes and green beans.

Keto - Pork chops over herb buttered green beans

Vegan - Roasted vegetables over herb roasted potatoes.

Kids - Pork chop and herb roasted potatoes with fruit

Wednesday 7/24

Adult - Lemon chicken with GF pasta and broccoli

Keto - Lemon chicken with broccoli

Vegan - Lemon roasted broccoli with GF pasta

Kids - Chicken nuggets and broccoli with fruit

Thursday 7/25

Adult - Korean beef with asian seared noodles

Keto - Seared beef tips with asian cauliflower rice

Vegan - Korean cauliflower with asian seared noodles

Kids - Korean beef with Asian seared noodles

Friday 7/26

Adult - Maple bacon chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Keto - Grilled chicken and bacon roasted brussel sprouts

Vegan - Zucchini and lentil stew with roasted sweet potatoes

Kids - Grilled maple bacon chicken, roasted sweet potatoes with fruit.

Each week we also have fruit cups, a flavor of the week chia seed pudding and a flavor of the week overnight oats.

Each dinner is just $15 each and $8 per child.

⭐️Now offering all 5 days for $60 and children at just $32 for each week. ⭐️

Order yours today. Menu and ordering is online at - just click on the meal delivery / pick-up tab. ☺️

🎊🍾We also do weddings, event catering for up to 500 people and special requests. 🎈🎉